“People are not law books, they don’t live and love by rules.“




The Territory

Viktor is a talented architect whose humane and environmentally-sound approach to build with earth does not find resonance and inevitably encounters failure. Facing bankruptcy, he receives a commission: the Mexican art collector Fernanda wants to build a museum next to rainforest previously affected by illegal logging. »It is time for art to orient itself towards life. No longer in its estrangement«, explains Fernanda. For her, life means conviviality. An idea of coexistence that is not based on superiority. The novel sends readers on a fantastic journey. It raises the question: If we could design a territory befit poets, artist and thinkers, what would it look like? And: why don’t we build it?

German book cover

Illustration: Daren Thomas Magee Design: Erik Spiekermann

Frank Steinhofer, Photo by Mahle Matallana, 2019, Bogotá

Frank Steinhofer

Frank Steinhofer, born in Dahn in 1980, has been working as a freelance writer since 2016. His writing from Mexico, Brazil to the Democratic Republic of Congo mostly deal with ecology and social injustice. Previously, he was a member of the editorial team of the art magazine DARE for seven years. He lives in Mexico City and Dahn. “The Territory” is his debut novel.

Voices of the forest

“Fffffop, buitsch, whuah, whuah“ – Ecuador, Parque Nacional Yasuní » Listen

“Siiiidiiididi Sidiidii“ – Nicaragua, Natural Reserve Peñas Blancas » Listen

Critical acclaim

“The foundation that makes this novel succeed is pleasantly old: the desire for the literary.“ – David Baum, Stern, Edition Nr. 15 » Read (ePaper)

“This novel goes all out. It takes aim at the international art market, towards a new architecture’s ecological forms.“ – Helmut Böttiger, Deutschlandfunk » Hear

“An author you should get to know.“ – Insa Wilke, WDR3 » Hear

“Exciting and sensually written, full of wisdom and realism.“ – Gaby Helbig, Hamburger Lokalradio

“Frank Steinhofer tells a gripping contemporary version of this idea (of reconciling culture and nature in Latin American rainforests), full of knowledge about contemporary art and Mexico.“ – Daniel Völzke, Monopol Magazin

“In search of what unites rather than divides.“ – Michael Teuscher, Die Rheinpfalz » Read (Paywall)

“Not a feel-good novel.“ – Erwin Wieser, Borromäusverein

“A complex novel that searches for new paths and requires concentration. Surprising and impressive..“ – Buch-Lady » Read

Voices of booksellers

“Simply terrific. Literature and high voltage.“ – Gräfe und Unzer

“A surrealistic game about identity and power structures that explores boundaries..“ – Felix Jud Buchhandlung

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